As long as your slope is not substantial, we can install the trampoline. In this case, we dig in the trampoline legs on the higher side of the unit to make it as level as possible. If your slope is more than average, we sell a leveling kit for $50. This kit accommodates greater slopes. If our installers deem the area unsafe due to a slope or space issue, you can cancel your order with a full refund.

The Structural Load Capacity is the total amount of weight the unit can handle. The Single User Weight Rating is the weight limit for a single jumper to ensure no one bottoms out while jumping.

Powerbounce springs are available on any AlleyOOP Trampoline. They can be added at the time of order or anytime down the road. They make the bed tighter to allow for higher jumps with less effort, a more even bounce throughout the edges of the unit, and increase the Single User Weight Rating. We consider Powerbounce as an accessory and not a whole new trampoline, like you would see on the manufacturer’s website. When ordering Powerbounce online, simply change the option on any AlleyOOP product page from Regular to Powerbounce.

The double bed is literally two trampolines. You bounce on the top bed, & the other bed is 8” below. When the bottom bed engages, it takes a lot of stress off your knees and joints, creating a much softer, safer, and controlled bounce. Much of the kickback force of the top bed is removed, offering less displacement for multiple jumpers. The bottom bed also requires a second frame. The bottom bed is the heavy duty trampoline on the market.

There’s no need! Trampolines are easy; if you have the space and a minimal slope, we can make it work. However, if you do order a trampoline and it cannot be installed due to size or slope, we will refund your order.

The square trampolines ( s-113 or S-155) are without a doubt the best because they give you the maximum amount of jumping space in all directions. There is very little difference in the footprint of the smallest (8′ Round) and largest (13′ x 13′) Springfree trampoline, but a significant increase in comfortable jump space.

No. While we like the look of in-ground systems, many times they turn into a drainage nightmare. Also, if you do not leave ample room for airflow, it significantly deadens the bounce. If a proper hole with a retaining wall and drainage is pre-dug before we arrive, we will be happy to install the trampoline inside of it. However, we do not dig the area.

As long you are getting a new trampoline from us, then yes! We can remove your existing playset (or trampoline) for a fee. If it is concreted in, it will be removed at a ground level. Removal cost varies, contact your salesperson with photos of what you need removed for a quote!

Play N Learn installation teams service the majority of the MD,VA and DC areas. Local delivery and installation fees are based on a 40 mile radius of our Columbia MD or Chantilly VA locations. For areas located outside of that radius an additional charge of $2.50 per loaded mile will be added for each mile over 40 miles.  For all service/warranty/labor jobs, mileage is calculated from Columbia, MD warehouse.  For all online orders placed a representative from Play N’ Learn will contact you to review your order for accuracy and inform you of any additional mileage charges that may be applicable.


Always! Even though we do sell heavy duty trampolines and it is rare that trampolines can be picked up by strong winds, it can and has happened before. Also, manufacturer’s warranties do not cover wind damage. Anchors will help protect your investment, your property and possibly neighbors property!