No. The majority of our sets have ways to level them around your yard, even if your yard doesn’t look like the ones in the catalog. If the slope is minor, we can just dig in the high side of the unit a little to make your play deck level. We can scissor the A-Frame legs a little closer together to raise the end of the beam if need be. Sometimes for greater slopes, you may just need to get a longer slide than normally would come with the set, or you may need a longer A-Frame leg. Plenty of options are available, so please ask the swingset expert at your local Play N’ Learn for options.
We will gladly look at photos of your space and in extreme cases may visit the property before installation.  Of course, if the set you order cannot be installed safely in your area, your order is refundable. You may switch to a different set that may work better in your area, if we determine at the property visit that a different unit would work.

Once an order is placed, you will receive a phone call or email from our scheduling department within 5 business days to work out a schedule day and time for swingset installation. Installations usually take 2-3 hours. Turnaround time from the date of order to date of installation is usually about 2-3 weeks (sometimes a little longer in peak season). We can hold the unit longer if you are not ready for installation.

There are a number of different ways to take the set you like, and reconfigure it a little to make it fit safely in your area. Swing Beams can easily be shortened to save space. Slides and Ladders can often be run in a different direction then pictured to work around the obstacles in your yard. Our installers are pros and will be happy to talk to you about the best placement options once they are in your yard, prior to building. Rest assured that if the set we bring cannot safely be installed, your deposit is refundable or may be used on a more space appropriate playset.

Being that our sets are not permanently concreted in, and Earthtone in color, home owners associations generally do not decline them. However, your order is refundable of course if your HOA declines you. We can also schedule your installation to allow enough time for your HOA to give you approval, so you do not need to wait for them to purchase your swingset.

Right here!  You would have to check back with us for pricing, but you can see all information Rainbow related here:

Yes. As long as you are getting a new playset from us, we can remove your existing one for a fee. If your current one is concreted in, it will be removed at ground level. Please supply your sales representative with a photo or 2 for a removal quote.

Absolutely! Our swingsets are modular so you can add the Monkey Bars, Firepoles, etc. as they become age appropriate. The backyard swingsets labeled Sunshine, Rainbow, Monster or King Kong offer the most expand-ability.

Rubber mulch is absolutely not required. A Rubber Mulch Pit does help ensure that your play area is as safe as possible in the event of a fall and also makes it very easy to mow around. However, do not feel as though you cannot get a swingset without a rubber mulch pit. The majority of our backyard swingsets are installed right on the grass. If you would like a rubber mulch pit, just look in the accessories at the very bottom of any swingset page to find the corresponding rubber mulch pit that may be added to the cart with your playset.

Play N Learn installation teams service the majority of the MD,VA and DC areas. Local delivery and installation fees are based on a 40 mile radius of our Columbia MD or Chantilly VA locations. For areas located outside of that radius an additional charge of $2.50 per loaded mile will be added for each mile over 40 miles. For all service/warranty/labor jobs, mileage is calculated from Columbia, MD warehouse.  For all online orders placed a representative from Play N’ Learn will contact you to review your order for accuracy and inform you of any additional mileage charges that may be applicable.