Keep your Swingset Looking New and Playing Safe!

Buying a swingset for your little ones is an investment you make in their childhood. Protecting that investment and ensuring that they have a safe place to play is extremely important not just to you, but to us as well. This is why we highly recommend both power washing and maintenance packages to keep your swing set in top-notch condition. PLUS regular servicing and cleaning may be required to keep your manufacturer’s warranty intact.

Play N’ Learn offers maintenance services to make sure that your playground is not only looking new and playing safe, but also protected under your warranty.

Power washing: 

Play N’ Learn highly recommends power washing for best results prior to sealing your play equipment.

  • Includes a thorough pressure cleaning of the wood components, rungs, tarps, swings, and related accessories .
  • Uses our patented, biodegradable product, Grunge Away, to assist in the cleaning of plastisol coated parts and accessories .
Maintenance service provides:
  • Tightening of all hardware, which should be done on a regular basis for safety purposes
  • One coat of a semi-transparent stain:
    • Mildew resistant coating
    • Protects against water damage
    • Enhances wood’s natural look
    • Shield against harmful UV rays
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  2. Maintenance_6_after
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