Goalrilla DC-72-E1

Original price was: $3,599.95.Current price is: $3,199.95.

Backboard: 72″ x 42″
Pole: 6″ x 8″
Overhang: 4′
Steel: 7 Gauge (4.554MM)
Weight: 532 lbs
Pads: FREE

Delivery & Installation Options *

Select “Regular Install” if you want us to install the hoop behind the driveway or playing surface, through grass or dirt. This is the most common choice.
Select “Custom Install” if you want install through the driveway or playing surface. This is generally done when there is a fence, shed, garage or other obstacle preventing install from being in the grass next to the playing surface. Additional charges will apply for more then 4″ depth of concrete/asphalt.
Select “Install in Place of Existing” if you need us to remove and dispose of an existing hoop and install the new one in it’s place.

The Goalrilla Yard Guard is a defensive net system that installs on your goal and keeps ball from bouncing out of the playing area. Highly recommended if there is a hill behind your goal, or to protect against balls hitting landscaping, vehicles, neighbors yard, etc.

Free Edge and Pole Pad

Pole Pad – Protect the players, protect your hoop. The Universal Basketball Pole Pad was built for quick installation, maximum protection and long-lasting showroom looks – regardless of what the weather throws at it.

Edge Pad – Built to last as well as protect, our backboard padding is designed using the most durable materials. Through the toughest weather, Goalrilla backboard padding will remain as good as new, and will deliver the protection you need throughout the life of your Goalrilla system.

Basketball Install Location

If we are installing the hoop for you, please give us a little description of where it will be installed so we can instruct the utility companies of where to mark. EX. If facing house, hoop will be on the right hand side by the bushes.

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