Party Pricing

Weekdays (11am, 2pm) – $199

Weekdays Mon-Thurs (6pm) – $299

Friday Evening (6pm) – $399

Saturdays (11am, 2pm) – $299

Saturdays (5pm,) – $399

Sundays (1pm) – $299

Sundays (4pm,) – $399

Party Details

Party guests have access to all games and activities in our showroom including swingsets, trampolines, & basketball goals.  Your party comes with tablecloths, napkins, plates, and silverware in standard primary colored party theme.  Just bring a cake, some drinks and maybe order a pizza, we’ve got the rest.  Parties are priced for up to 20 children.  All parties run for two hours.

Birthday Party at Chantilly Play N’ Learn

From: $199.00


2 Hour Birthday Party for up to 18 Children at Play N’ Learn Chantilly


4102 Pepsi Place
Chantilly, VA 20151

Phone: 703-502-1864


Q. How long are birthday parties?

All birthday parties run for 2 hours.  You can extend either the 5pm and 6pm parties by 1 hour for an additional $100.  Only those party times may be extended. EXTENDED PARTIES NEED TO BE RESERVED AT TIME OF BOOKING,NO EXCEPTIONS!!! WE WILL NOT EXTEND BOOKING TIMES AFTER PARTY IS BOOKED!!!  To book a 3 hour 5pm-8pm or 6pm-9pm party, please call us to make your booking.  703-502-1864

Q. How many kids may I have at the party?

All parties are priced for up to 20 children.  We count children that are between 12 months and 14 years old.  Adults are not counted into your total.  We can accommodate a maximum of 20 children at any party.  Please do not invite more than 20 children to the party as that is our maximum.


Q. What is included with the party?

We supply paper plates, napkins, plasticware, cups and tablecloths.

Q. Where is there to order pizza from?

You are welcome to order from anywhere or bring in food. The Most popular Pizza Places close to our location include Ledo’s Pizza, Paisanos, Dominos, Papa John’s, and Pizza Hut. if you mention you are having a Party at Play N learn most of these places will offer a special discounts and promotions.

Q. Is there a discount if my party will not have 20 children?

All parties require the same resources whether there are 6 children or 20.  There is no discount for parties with less than 20 children.

Q. May we have a party by buying a bunch of weekend play tickets?

No.  While we would love to host your child’s birthday party, all parties MUST be booked properly.  No food or drink is allowed outside of the party rooms.  All unauthorized birthday parties will be asked to leave in fairness to those that properly booked.

Q. Do you offer invitations?


Q. What is the deposit required to book?

Payment in full is required to book any party.  No party can be held without payment.  Deposits are 100% refundable if your party is cancelled 14 more days before your party.  Deposits are refundable for 100% store credit if your party is cancelled between 3-14 days from your party.  Deposits are refunded with 50% store credit is your party is cancelled within 3 days of the party.PRIVATE PARTIES MUST BE BOOKED AT LEAST 1 WEEK IN ADVANCE. YOU CAN NOT BOOK A PRIVATE PARTY FOR THE SAME DAY THAT YOU BOOK THE PARTY. IF YOU BOOK A PRIVATE PARTY SLOT ONLINE FOR THE SAME DAY THAT YOU MAKE THE BOOKING, YOUR ORDER WILL BE REFUNDED.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

Q. May we decorate our party room?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own themed tablecloths, happy birthday banners, etc.  If it hangs with scotch tape, we’re cool with it.  Please do not bring glitter or anything that may damage the merchandise or party room.

Q. May we bring pinatas?

Yes, we will even hang it for you.  We are okay with both the pull string kind, and the fun kind.  🙂

Q. May we bring in characters?

Yes, we have had Mickey Mouse, Optimus Prime, and every Character from Frozen.  Characters are welcome.  We simply ask that you tag us when you post the pics on Facebook!

Q. May we bring in a face painter?

Yes, face painters are okay with us as long as they do it on the tiled area in or right outside your party room, but please, no glitter.

Q. Will there be others in the playground during my party?

Yes, please expect that there will be families in the playground to shop or play.  If you want a quieter party, book the later parties.  The stores close at 5pm on Saturdays and 4pm on Sundays so there will be no people in to shop or play after those times.  The store closes at 6PM on weekdays for most of the year.

Q. What if it snows?

If Play N’ Learn closes due to inclement weather we will work with you to select another available party time or you can opt to receive a full refund.

Q. May my guests stay and play after my party is over?

Sorry, we host a lot of parties on the weekends and need to keep the parties moving so the showroom stays safe and does not get overcrowded.  All party guests must leave when the party ends.

Q. When should I arrive for my child’s party?

Hosts can and should arrive 30 minutes prior to the party.  Your party room is not available greater than 30 minutes before your party so don’t arrive too early – a half hour is perfect.

Q. Is there a wait list available for cancellations?

No, sorry.  We very rarely have a cancellation.  If we do however, the online calendar will be updated immediately.