Basketball Goal Frequently Asked Questions

Once an order is placed, you will receive a phone call from our scheduling department within 5 business days to work out a schedule day and time.

First, we contact Miss Utility to mark the area for underground wires. Please note that they will not mark invisible fences or underground sprinkler or lighting systems. Please make our installers aware of items like that upon installation. Play N’ Learn is not responsible for damage to any items not marked by Miss Utility.

Once Miss Utility has marked the area, we will come and install your anchor system. We do not remove the spoilage (dirt removed for anchor system) but we can place it neatly around a tree-line in your yard. If you have no good place for it, you can leave the installers with lawn and garden bags. They can use those, for a nice, neat, hassle free job. Once the anchor system has had 3-5 days to properly set, we will come back and assemble your goal and attach it to the anchor system. The whole installation process usually takes about 2.5 weeks from order date depending on the time of year. If ordering online, Installation options will be offered on the checkout page if you live within Maryland, Virginia or Washington DC. Choose Regular Install if we are installing the unit in the grass behind the driveway. Choose Custom Install if you need us to dig through the playing surface.



No. A lot of the action happens when you are fighting for that rebound under the rim. The best placement for the pole is as close to the driveway/playing area as possible. This way, can utilize as much of the overhang (distance from pole to backboard) as you can. NCAA uses a 4′ extension from the backboard to the end of the court as shown below. The image above of “standard install” shows where we usually install the goals in relation to the grass.

A regulation backboard is 72”W x 42”H. The regulation height is 10′ which all of our goals will go up to.

Every Goalrilla basketball hoop is constructed with a one piece solid steel pole. All Goalrillas are easily adjustable from 7.5′ to 10′. Additionally, they have flex rims, glass backboards and a limited lifetime warranty. But, Goalrilla makes four different series of goals:


Hands Down, the nicest full series is the CV series. The CV54, CV60 and CV72. They are the newest style design where the backboard arms go out to the edges of the board, providing a clean appearance. There isn’t any metal touching the glass, so the rebound of the ball is consistent wherever it hits. Every CV series hoop utilizes a thick 3.175mm 11 gauge steel. Remember, the lower the gauge, the thicker the steel. The overhang on even the smallest CV (the cv54) is three feet ensuring there is plenty of room to fight for a rebound under the rim. Also, this makes it so the ball rolls to the grass behind the playing surface less. Since the CV series uses the thickest steel of the Goalrilla basketball hoop line-up, they are heavier and by far the sturdiest goals (with the exception of the E1) offered with the least amount of shake when the ball hits the glass. Currently a free pole pad and an edge pad are included with every CV goal.


The GS (high number or GS “C”) series is a smaller take on the above CV series. This series includes the GS54c, the GS60c and the GS72c. In a picture, they will all appear almost identical to the corresponding CV series goal. These hoops also share the Clearview design, where the extension arms attach to the edges of the backboard. In an effort to get the cost down, while still providing Goalrilla playability and quality, the steel used is thinner than that of it’s CV counterpart. The GS54C uses14 Gauge (1.984 MM) steel compared to the CV54 which uses 3.175mm thick 11 gauge steel. The GS60C and GC72C uses 13 Gauge (2.381MM) compared to the 3.175mm 11 gauge steel of the CV60 and CV72. All of the backboards in this series have the same width as the corresponding CV goals, but the height of the board is lessened. Also, the extension arms are shorter compared to that of the CV series. All in all, these are still excellent goals that tower over all other brands; they are just not as thick or as heavy duty as the CV series. Currently, the CV series above has free pole and edge pads, so only buy a GS54C, GS60C or GS72C right now if you will not be adding the pads. Otherwise it would make more sense price-wise to get the CV series for around the same price.


The DC72E1. This one goal is in a category of its own. This is the goal to buy if you are looking for the best residential goal ever made. 72″ regulation backboard with 1/2″ thick glass. A 6″ x 8″ 7 Gauge (4.554MM) steel pole. It’s just a beast and can be seen here.

To be in compliance with ASTM safety standards Goalrilla Goals do not adjust lower than 7.5’.

Yes. The only thing permanent about our goals is the anchor system. Should you move, you are able to take your goal and buy a new anchor system for your new house.

Yes, we install them year round.

As long as you are in Maryland, Virginia or Washington DC we will deliver/install for you with the exception of Roanoke, Virginia. There may be very slight extra mileage charges depending on your county.

Play N’ Learn is known for their quality commercial playground equipment , trampolines, and backyard swingsets. They also have an amazing selection of basketball hoops. Below are some frequently asked questions customers have before having a basketball hoop installed. For more answers, feel free to join a live chat at the bottom right of your screen, give us a call, or visit one of our showrooms.