Rubber Mulch Frequently Asked Questions

Rubber Mulch Frequently Asked Questions

Rubber mulch is not required. A Rubber Mulch Pit is recommended as it helps ensure that your play area is as safe as possible in the event of a fall. It also makes it very easy to mow around the area and looks great! But, we understand that not all backyard swingsets need a rubber mulch pit. The majority of our swingsets are installed right on the grass.

Rubber does not decompose like organic mulch, so you do not need to keep replacing it or topping it off. It is a one-time purchase, just like your trampoline or cedar swingset. It offers a substantially higher critical fall height so it makes backyard swingsets safer. Rubber does not absorb water like organic mulch or wood chips so it dries very quickly after a rain and your kids can play shortly after a summer storm. It does not attract bugs or animals and is a much cleaner product. Unlike organic mulch, it does not compact, so you know it’s always soft and cushiony.

We only use shredded Soft Landing Rubber Mulch, or SLRM. Most other places sell chunked rubber. While chunked rubber is okay for landscaping, it is simply not a good choice for under a playset. It has big pointy pieces that roll around making it tough to walk on with any traction, and painful to walk on bare foot. The chunked rubber usually contains a lot of fibers that will decompose making it necessary to top it off occasionally, where as our bags of shredded rubber mulch bulk bags, ONLY contain shredded rubber.

Pretty well if you do the math. Many people assume the giant 2000 pound sacks of rubber are a better value because it feels like you’re buying in bulk. But when compared apples to apples, i.e. coverage amount necessary, not just weight, our rubber mulch stacks up pricewise and is definitely a better quality. When a 2000 pound sack of rubber is delivered, they usually have curbside delivery only, leaving you to figure out how to move it to your install area. Our delivery service will have manageable rubber mulch bulk bags stacked neatly in or near your desired area. We can even spread it for you for 1.50 per bag. Remember; never compare it by weight. A pound of SLRM covers more than a pound of the chunked with the fibers that compress. Never compare bag pricing unless you are comparing it to another bag that covers 2.5 cubic feet, a cheaper bag is not cheaper if you will have to buy more of them. Only compare the bottom line of what you need for your area and the best product for your application. Please feel free to visit your nearest Play N’ Learn for a sample of SLRM, or call or chat with us to request a sample to be mailed to you.

Our 40 pound bags cover a tremendous 2.5 cubic feet per bag, which equates to 10 square feet at a 3” depth. See our coverage chart below.

Depth100 sq ft200 sq ft400 sq ft600 sq ft800 sq ft1000 sq ft

Yes. The playpits shown include all the mulch necessary to fill your area to about a 3.5” depth. They include enough bendy borders and bendy border hardware to make the perimeter shape illustrated in the diagrams. They include Typar, which is an industrial strength landscaping fabric to prevent weeds from coming up. An additional 10% of square footage of Typar is included to allow for proper overlapping. If you are changing the layout of your playset, it may be necessary to change the layout of your mulch area. We do our best to calculate exact sizes and depths but please keep in mind actual dimensions and depths may be slightly different due to slopes, dips and uneveness of your backyard

Absolutely! The preset pits shown are designed to give you the most economical shape around the corresponding cedar swingset, by cutting out the areas where no play activity is going on. But our playset experts will be happy to customize one that better suits your needs or yard if you wish.

At the bottom of each playset page, the proper rubber mulch pit will be shown. Just check the box for a black or red mulch pit to add it to the cart with your set, it’s that easy!

Of course! Just select the appropriate playpit for your existing set. If you are unsure of which one you need, just give us a call or start a chat below.

Bendy Borders contain the rubber mulch and prevent it from spreading into your yard. They are the absolute best choice for your play area. They have cushiony, rounded tops. The hardware is safely recessed into the border. They are flexible allowing you to create areas that aren’t just boring rectangles. If you have slope or choppiness in your yard they will conform to it with no digging necessary. They are very heavy which will ensure durability and sturdiness.

Simply put, our bags cover a lot more surface area. Like we mentioned before, a pound of SLRM covers more than a pound of the chunked rubber mulch with the fibers. You shouldn’t compare bag pricing by price unless you are comparing it to another bag that covers the same amount of cubic feet. If you think about it, a cheaper bag is not cheaper if you will have to buy more of them! With SLRM, you’re paying for a high quality product that will cover a lot more than some of the other bulk brands.