Clubhouses (Sandbox/Table Style)

The Fiesta, Carnival, Rainbow and King Kong Clubhouse series swing sets are built to last. These four series also feature larger forts and more headroom so children are comfortable playing in them longer. Sets in these series can be expanded with additional options so your children will grow into, not out of, them! Remember to shop as if your children are 9 or 10 years old right now.

Deck Height4′ & 5′4’ 10"5’
Swing Beam Height7.757.5′8’
Slide Length10′10′10’
Deck Size3.5’ x 6′3.5’ x 6′4.5’ x 5’
Overall Weight580 lbs.600 lbs.780 lbs.
Deck Height5′ 2″5′ 6″5′ 10″
Swing Beam Height8.5′8.75′9′
Slide Length10′10.5′11′
Deck Size5.2′ x 5.2′5.2′ x 5.2′5.2′ x 7.8′
Overall Weight1,520 lbs.1,575 lbs.1,635 lbs.
Deck Height5′ 2″5′ 6″
Swing Beam Height8.25′8.5′
Slide Length10.5′10.5′
Deck Size5′ x 5′5′ x 5′
Overall Weight1,025 lbs.1,095 lbs.
SpecificationsKing Kong
Deck Height5′ 2″ & 7′ 2″
Swing Beam Height10.5′
Slide Length15′
Deck Size5.2′ x 10.4′
Overall Weight2,790 lbs.