Sunshine Castles

Sunshine Castle Series

The Sunshine Castle is our #1 Best Selling swing set for three decades! Just like the Original Rainbow Castle, but slightly scaled back in deck height, our Sunshine Castle has the same deck size and 4” x 4” ladders & 4” x 4” a-frame legs as our Original Rainbow Castle. Sunshine Castles have all available options, add-ons and accessories and are fully modular and expandable.

Deck Height5′ 5’4"5′8"
Swing Beam Height8.25′8.5′8.75’
Slide Length10′10.5′10.5’
Deck Size5’ x 5′5’ x 5′5’ x 5’
Overall Weight1,105 lbs.1,185 lbs.1,265 lbs.