Castles (Tire Swing Style)

The Sunshine, Rainbow, and King Kong Castle Series swing sets are built to last. The deck boards & rails are about 50 percent thicker than those used on the Circus series sets. These three series also feature more deck headroom so children are comfortable playing in them longer. The Rainbow Castles are the best choice for an un-level yard.

Deck Height4′ 10″5′ 2″5′ 6″
Swing Beam Height8′8.25′8.5′
Slide Length10′10.5′10.5′
Deck Size4′ x 6′4′ x 6′4′ x 6′
Overall Weight805 lbs.840 lbs.890 lbs.
Deck Height5′ 2″5′ 6″5′ 10″
Swing Beam Height8.5′8.75′9′
Slide Length10′10.5′11′
Deck Size5.2′ x 5.2′5.2′ x 5.2′5.2′ x 5.2′
Overall Weight1,380 lbs.1,445 lbs.1,510 lbs.
Deck Height5′ 5’4"5′8"
Swing Beam Height8.25′8.5′8.75’
Slide Length10′10.5′10.5’
Deck Size5’ x 5′5’ x 5′5’ x 5’
Overall Weight1,105 lbs.1,185 lbs.1,265 lbs.
SpecificationsKing Kong
Deck Height7′ 2″
Swing Beam Height10.5′
Slide Length15′
Deck Size5.2′ x 5.2′
Overall Weight1,875 lbs.