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DC72E1 - a series of it's own

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Direct Connect (DC) Series

The DC72E1 is literally in a series of it's own. There is no other size available in the Direct Connect, or DC series, because this series is about going with the biggest and the best. And that is what the DC72E1 is. Unlike other adjustable goals which rely on the board and board frame to absorb vertical forces during play, all vertical forces on the Goalrilla DC72E1 are transferred via a DIRECT CONNECTION to a 4" steel beam – completely bypassing the backboard and its frame. The only people that don't like this goal are our installers, as it weighs over 500 pounds! That's a lot of steel.

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Goalrilla DC-72-E1 Goalrilla DC-72-E1

Backboard: 72" x 42"
Pole: 6" x 8"
Overhang: 4'
Steel: 7 Gauge (4.554MM)
Weight: 532 lbs
Pads: FREE!

MSRP $2,899.95
Sale Price $2,549.95