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Buying a Rainbow Play System

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Getting Started with Rainbow Play Systems

STEP 1: Choose a Style

Castle Style

A-frame structure above a spinning tire swing

The climbing wall and ladders are perfect for energetic kids who like to run and climb. Spinning tire swings are standard and ONLY available on castles.

Clubhouse Style

Square frame with upper and lower play areas

Framed out by vertical supports, lower level options include a picnic table, sandbox, and other fun choices for children who like imaginative play.

About Play N' Learn

Play N Learn’s Playground Superstores have a great selection of residential and commercial playground equipment with Rainbow swingsets. We have plenty of fun and exciting options to keep kids entertained for hours outside. Rock walls, slides, tunnels, and monkey bars are just a few of the features that can be found in our deluxe playsets. With options suitable for any backyard or park, a swingset from Play N Learn is a great way to keep kids active outside.

Interested in purchasing and installing a swingset in your backyard? Play N Learn offers swingset installation on swingsets from our stock including the Fiesta Castle, Sunshine Castle, Rainbow Castle, Carnival Castle, Monster Castle, and King Kong Castle. Swingset installation is available in the Maryland, Virginia, and DC areas.

We have a wide selection of residential and commercial playground equipment to choose from. With swingsets from Rainbow Play Systems, you are sure to find a perfect match for your backyard or playground.