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Columbia, MD Chantilly, VA Play For Charity Play Waiver Frequently Asked Questions

Indoor Playgrounds in Columbia, MD and Chantilly, VA

How It Works

Parents and caregivers looking for an indoor playground to entertain their children may purchase tickets for up to 2 hours of play in one of our spacious showrooms. Our facilities, which feature safe rubber flooring, have swingsets, basketball goals, trampolines, air hockey and foosball tables best suited to entertain ages 2-8. We do, however, have baby swings to accommodate the little guys.

To ensure the comfort of our shoppers and party guests, we limit the number of available tickets during weekends and you MUST pre-purchase a ticket online for Saturday or Sunday play. Adults, children under 12 months, and children with adults that are shopping are always free.

Play it Forward on Thursdays! Most Thursday mornings, proceeds from Open Play at both the Columbia and Chantilly location will be donated to a worthy charity! Your play can go a long way!

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