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Open Play FAQ

Q. When is Open Play?

Monday - Friday 10-6. Just pop-in. (school holidays like MLK Day and Spring Break require pre-purchased tickets)
Saturday - Sunday. Playtimes vary depending on ticket purchased. Weekend Playtime Requires online tickets purchased prior to arrival. Weekend Play Tickets are limited and sell out fast.

Q. Why are online tickets required on the weekends and school holidays?

Saturdays and Sundays are the busiest days of the week. We host birthday parties and are also busiest with families coming in to shop for swing sets, trampolines and basketball hoops. In an effort to keep the showroom safe and comfortable for all guests we must limit weekend open play traffic.

Q. When are weekend tickets posted?

Weekend tickets for Columbia are put on our website each Thursday for that weekend's play. We add a limited number of tickets and they can sell out fast.
Weekend tickets for Chantilly are put on our website each Monday for that weekend's play. We add a limited number of tickets and they can sell out fast.

Q. Do I need a reservation for weekday play?

Only groups with over 10 children are required to make a reservation for weekday play. On school holidays such as MLK Day and Spring Break online tickets are required.

Q. How much does it cost?

$8 per child (12 months and up)
There is no charge for adults.

Q. How long may we stay?

Up to two hours per visit.

Q. What's the deal with shoes?

On or off, but no bare feet.

Q. If I am coming to shop do I need to pay for my children to play?

Absolutely not! Reservations, Tickets, or Payment are never required for shopping and your children are welcome to play while you shop.

Q. Can we eat or drink in the showroom?

No food or drink are permitted on the showroom floor; however we do have a party room you are welcome to use to eat in as long as it is not occupied by a birthday party. See our party schedule.

Q. What is there to do?

We have plenty to entertain the children including swingsets, trampolines, and basketball goals.

Q. What age is your facility suited for?

Children ages 8 and under are best but we do have baby swings for the little ones and tall sets and trampolines for the bigger ones. We charge for any child over 12 months.

Q. What is required for play?

A Waiver for every child must be completed in full prior to play. It is easiest if it is filled out prior to arrival so the kids may begin playing immediately.

Q. Am I able to drop the children off and leave?
No, parents must stay with the kids. Adult supervision is required.

Q. May I have a small birthday party by buying a lot of open play tickets?
No, all birthday parties, small or large, must be properly scheduled in advance.

Q. Are you an indoor or outdoor playground?

We are an Indoor playground.

Q. Is there air conditioning?

Yes. We have air conditioning and heating.

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