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AlleyOOP Sports is simply the best in design, materials and bounce while offering the one of the highest quality and safest trampoline enclosures available today. AlleyOOP means backyard safety, quality, fun and fitness for the entire family.

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AlleyOOP 12' Round Single Bed Trampoline

Mat Area: 79 Square Feet
Weight Rating: 240 lbs
Weight Rating w/ Power Bounce: 260 lbs
Structural Load Capacity: 1200 lbs
Weight of unit: 318lbs

List Price: $1,645.00
Sale Price $1,399.00
AlleyOOP 14' Round Single Bed Trampoline

Mat Area: 113 Square Feet
Weight Rating: 245 lbs
Weight Rating w/ Power Bounce: 270 lbs
Structural Capacity: 1400 lbs
Weight of unit: 343lbs

List Price: $1,760.00
Sale Price $1,499.00
AlleyOOP 14' Round Double Bed Trampoline

Mat Area: 113 Square Feet
Weight Rating: 250 lbs
Weight Rating w/ Power Bounce: 300 lbs
Structural Capacity: 2000 lbs
Weight of unit: 494lbs

List Price: $2,587.00
Sale Price $2,099.00
AlleyOOP 10' x 17' Rectangular Trampoline

Mat Area: 85 Square Feet
Weight Rating: 225 lbs
Weight Rating w/ Power Bounce: 350 lbs
Structural Capacity: 1500 lbs
Weight of unit: 602lbs

List Price: $2,999.00
Sale Price $2,499.00
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About AlleyOOP Trampolines

AlleyOOP Trampolines are considered some of the industry’s safest trampolines for a number of reasons. They are made of strong, quality materials and are designed with features and trampoline accessories that ensure safety. An AlleyOOP trampoline has variable bounce technology, which helps absorb the shock when bouncing. You can also upgrade to Powerbounce, which helps even more. This helps put less stress on the jumper’s knees and joints. This makes the Alleyoop Trampoline a great option for all members of the family who want to play or want something to complement their backyard swingsets!

AlleyOOP trampolines also have a number of trampoline accessories and add-ons which enhance safety and increase the fun. Here at Play N’ Learn, we have years of experience choosing and installing trampolines and backyard swingsets for a variety of families. Call us today, visit one of our locations, or use the live chat feature to talk with us today!